Melbourne Cup Head to Head

November 4, 2012, 3:01 pmYahoo7

Cup fever is here and we have created a new tipping competition just for the Melbourne Cup.

MELBOURNE CUP 2012 Head to Head Challenge
We have matched the runners of this year's Melbourne Cup into pairs. Select the horse that will finish ahead of its opponent and the overall winner of the Cup.

Join our Public Comp or create your own and compete against family or friends.

Public Comp 1 Comp ID : 288052 Password : welcome
Public Comp 2 Y7 Fans ID : 288053 Password : welcome

When creating your own comp, from the drop down menu select "Melbourne Cup 2012"

How to Create an OzTips Account

Below is a sample tipping page, whereby you will select the winner from the pairings and also select the overall winner of the Melbourne Cup from the drop down menu.

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