Comp Manager tipping for other tipsters on a competition

Only the comp manager has the right to edit other tipster's tips on a competition.

1. Login as the comp manager and go to the tipping page of that competition.

2. Select the tipster from the drop-down list that you wish to edit his/her tips.

3. The tipping tab would change to "Other's tips"

4. Click on the "Edit Tips" button

5. Select the tips and click on the "Save Tips" button

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July 28, 2:56 pm
I can't view my competitions, what should I do?

To view your competitions you will need to click on "My Comps" on the top navigation menu. This will provide you with a full list of competitions you have created or joined. We have added a new feature that allows you to filter by sports league on the left hand navigation menu. If you are unable to see your competitions after logging in, please refresh the page by pressing +

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July 28, 1:47 pm
Will there be more stats added to the site?

Yes, we will be adding more statistics and news to allow you to make a more informed decision.

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July 28, 1:44 pm
Already Upgraded or Registered

What you need before you sign in?
Since you have previously Upgraded all you will need will be your Yahoo ID and Yahoo ID password.
You will need to click on the "Already Upgraded or Registered" tab or at the top left of the page you can alternatively click on "Sign In"

That's it! You should be viewing your competitions.

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April 4, 2:10 pm