Why do I need to upgrade my account? My old OzTips ID worked fine on the old site.

Yahoo7 April 13, 2011, 6:53 pm

Since Yahoo7 and OzTips joined forces back in July last year, we’ve been busy working to upgrade much of the technology that OzTips currently uses. The existing OzTips website works on one system whilst our Yahoo7 sites work on another completely different system. Getting these 2 systems to talk to each other is near impossible. The effort that we could put into making both systems talk to each other is much better invested in creating for you an awesome site that can leverage all the benefits of Yahoo7 technology directly.

Your old OzTips login won’t work for this site. You need a Yahoo! ID to login from now on.

Please follow these steps to UPGRADE your old OzTips account and get tipping again.

1. Go to http://au.oztips.yahoo.com/ and Click “UPGRADE”
2. Enter your OzTips username & password
3. Login with a new or existing Yahoo7 account
4. Confirm the upgrade
5. Get tipping!