What's the Discriminator and how is it used?

Yahoo7 April 11, 2011, 3:45 pm

If a tie occurs in a Tipping Comp between Tipsters with the same highest score for a Week, the Discriminator rule can be used to find a single Top Tipster in each Tipping Week.

There are 2 Discriminator options that your Comp Manager can choose from:

- Closest Margin: Tipsters must guess the difference in scores between the two Teams playing in the Discriminator Match; and the highest scoring Tipster who gets the Margin match Tip correct and the lowest, closest Margin, is the Top Tipster.

- No Discriminator: The Comp Manager determines their own Top Tipster if there is a tie.

If any Tipsters are still tied after the above Discriminator is used, the earliest Tip time will be used to select a single Top Tipster in the Comp.

The Top Tipster will then be named first in the Latest Results, followed alphabetically by the remaining Tipsters on equal points. All other Tipsters are ranked by scores, alphabetically.