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How to view other tipster's tips in your OzTips competition

There are a few easy steps to follow if you wish to view other tipster's tips in your OzTips competition.

Step 1 - Select the round you wish to view the tips for. Note: The viewing of other tipster's tips relies on how your particular competition is set up. If you have any queries please contact your comp manager.

Step 2 - Click on Print Option and drop down the list to select Tipster's tips.

Step 3 - Check out what everyone else has tipped on!

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March 12, 3:36 pm
You will be able to clone your competition from last season. Retaining all your comp rules as well as all the tipsters that had joined. With one single click you will be able to clone all this information and get your footy season off and running.

The great news is that we have worked hard in the off season to ensure we get all the functionality you have been so used to at OzTips and in addition have provided some additional changes to increase your tipping experience.

1. You will be able to hover over the tipping alias to reveal the name stored by the user.
2. Up to date scores right after the matches finish.
3. Able to view tipsters tips in all private comps.
4. Discriminator ( tie breaker) will continue to provide you an aggregate score throughout the entire season.
5. Able to enter or update tips for all your tipsters.
6. A customer Service team that will support your queries throughout the year.

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February 9, 11:02 am
How to Create an OzTips Account

There are a few easy steps to follow in creating an account with OzTips.

Step 1 - If you do not already have an OzTips account, go to and click on the "register" button for a new account.
Step 2 - If you already have a Yahoo ID you can simply log in and proceed to Step 4.

If you do not have a Yahoo ID you can create a new account by clicking on the "Create new account" button.

You can also sign in using your Facebook or Gmail account details. If you are intending on using Facebook or Gmail click on the appropriate image and sign in.

Step 3a - New Yahoo! Registration - If your account is a new registration fill out your details on the Yahoo! registration page and proceed to Step 4.

Step 3b - Facebook - If you wish to login with your Facebook details click the Facebook button and allow Yahoo to access your information.

Step 3c - Gmail - If you wish to login with your Gmail details click the Gmail button and allow Yahoo to access your information.

Step 4 - Your account is created! Now it's time to Register with OzTips, choose a Username and get tipping! Click on the Register button to continue.

Step 5 - Once you've chosen a username and selected your notification options click on the Complete Your Registration button.

Step 6 - And you're done! Join or Create a competition and start kicking goals in your chosen tipping competition. Good luck!

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February 7, 6:49 am

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  3. Your Yahoo ID ( Please let us know if you have upgraded using a YahooID, or upgraded using Facebook or Google)

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January 10, 11:56 am