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Ted's Tip

  • Cricket World Cup and Super Rugby 2015

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    February 5, 10:17 am
2015 CWC - Pivotal Players

A collection of the most pivotal players in the 2015 Cricket World Cup... Read more


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                        2015 Cricket World Cup in AU & NZ

                        Pakistan vs Zimbabwe

                        Pakistan won by 20 runs

                        England vs Sri Lanka

                        Sri Lanka won by 9 wickets

                        India vs United Arab Emirates

                        India won by 9 wickets

                        New Zealand vs Australia

                        New Zealand won by 1 wicket


                        2015 Cricket World Cup in AU & NZ

                        2:30pm AEST Tue, 3rd March
                        12:00pm AEST Wed, 4th March
                        5:30pm AEST Wed, 4th March
                        9:00am AEST Thu, 5th March



                        2015 Hopman Cup XXVII

                        2015 Monterrey Open

                        12:00am AEST Mon, 2nd March
                        12:00am AEST Mon, 2nd March
                        12:00am AEST Mon, 2nd March



                        2015 Six Nations Championship

                        2014/15 Aviva Premiership (ENG)

                        2015 Super Rugby Tournament


                        2015 Super Rugby Tournament

                        5:35pm AEST Fri, 6th March
                        7:40pm AEST Fri, 6th March
                        5:35pm AEST Sat, 7th March

                        2014/15 Aviva Premiership (ENG)

                        6:45am AEST Sat, 7th March



                        2015 NRL Premiership Season

                        8:05pm AEST Thu, 5th March
                        7:45pm AEST Fri, 6th March
                        4:30pm AEST Sat, 7th March
                        7:00pm AEST Sat, 7th March



                        2014/15 English Premier League

                        2014/15 Australian A-League


                        2014/15 English Premier League

                        4:30am AEST Sun, 1st March
                        1:05am AEST Mon, 2nd March
                        6:45am AEST Wed, 4th March
                        6:45am AEST Wed, 4th March